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Monday, August 04, 2008

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The last thing I knew was that I was trying to sleep yesterday with such a bloated stomach that I was scared that my stomach and liver would switch places if I rolled over in sleep. Suddenly, I was in the rented-out house upstairs my grandma's house in Vellore. For some reason I was running around the house trying to hide in all the various places - under the bed, inside the cupboard and all that. Someone in every room kept asking me what I was up to, but I had no time to answer. After getting frustrated about not being able to hide anywhere, I ran out of the back door into a balcony, only to see a little army closing in on the house from one side. My heart started pounding hard and I just jumped out of the balcony to the ground and started running. The army started to chase me. At one point I was totally exhausted and started to slow down. The army was so close to me now. My foot hit hard on a rock and that was all I could take. I fell down to ground breathing hard. And the dangerous group closed in around me totally and pointed their guns at me. When I looked up, standing there was none other than Che Guevara, the communist rebel himself. There was this sexy chick near him, perfect to the shape and wearing a military camouflage with the sleeves rolled up above the elbow, looking at me with seething eyes. As I looked at her, with heavy breaths, she started to speak in some strange accent, 'Dzis ees dhe boy, more dzanae few of our people can use dzi foood he so greedhily consoomes'. And I looked back at Guevara. He was staring at me, so angry almost chewing on the cigar in his mouth. I start to plead, "No, I won't eat so much from now. I'll eat less. Please". He raised a techno-looking pistol at me. There was a laser beam coming from above the little silencer fitted on it. As I looked down at the hovering red dot it made on my belly, he muttered loudly under his clenched teeth - "Die! Fat Pig!". I heard a loud crack as I woke up with a start.

I really concerned about my sub-conscious now. I've had some pretty strange nightmares. But this!

I knew he was a dangerous rebel and all but I never thought eating a lot is against communism. To be on the careful side, I looked up wikipedia to see where he is currently living. Felt kinda foolish albeit relieved to see that he hasn't been breathing for like, 41 years now. Happaada.

"Eppadiyellaam peedhiya kelapparaanga."



Now, where was that pack of potato chips?

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That was a real good one! fine bayangarama kannu kannringa! APJ sonna Dreams edhu dhaana!!!


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