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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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Did you know that you could go back and forward in your browser by just dragging your mouse, like you would flip pages in a book? Did you know that you could just double click on a word you see and select 'Dictionary' from the popup menu that appears, to look up it's meaning? Or better, translate it to some other languages? Did you know that your browser could display a neat thumbnail menu of nine of your favorite web pages so you can just open your browser and start clicking away? Did you know that your browser could have an integrated download manager? A bit torrent client? An email client too? All this and more without the need to install a single additional plug-in if you have Opera the browser. The cool piece of software is free for download and available for almost every operating system out there. I think it's better than Internet Explorer and Firefox. I'd recommend it for anyone I love.

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Thats neat information.. kinda helpful for a computer dummy like me..

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