Sunday, April 27, 2008

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This is the first time I'm trying Ubuntu. I already received a free CD of the previous version from someone I don't even know (yes, they send you a CD for free if you just ask at the website!). But I never really wanted to install it with having my computer running fedora. So I gave it away to someone else. Now with some 20 days to go before I can get the new Fedora, I thought I should try this much hyped distro. So I went ahead and downloaded Ubuntu 8.04 through bit torrent.

I've never really seen this cool type of installation, so i don't know if this is the first OS to do it. You just put in the CD and the computer loads the OS from the CD and gives you a working system straight away. You can use it for your work just like that, without even an installation. That's okay. But the cool thing is, you can install your OS to hard disk from that platform itself. Just like running an application (that's cool because you can test the packages with your computer before attempting to actually install them). I was expecting to answer a lot of questions. But this distro has a good default selection of applications so makes a good job of installing without too many questions. And it configured windows vista into it's boot loader. Now that's nice. I had problems with that when I tried to install fedora 8 dual boot.

Post installation, I had to add a few things because Ubuntu does not install non-free components by default. So, I added support for playing MP3s and movies and some nVidia drivers. Everything was really simple. I just double clicked an MP3 file and it asked me if I wished to download the codecs. I just had to say yes to play my MP3 files. But that's it now there was a complete system running. It's two days and I never had to login to windows. Yup! It mounts windows partitions like nobody's business. We only double click. And what's more, it's never crashed yet.

The orange-brown default theme is just so pleasant to look at. And thanks to my graphics card, there are some cool visual effects on the desktop too. The great thing is, it runs as fast without the effects on my other older computer without a graphics card. The only thing I had against linux was font rendering. But it's awesome in Ubuntu. It seems to me that it's actually making some websites more readable. The fonts are so clear and smooth. It's got some default games, office applications, instant messaging, firefox, gimp, cd burning software and all the stuff most people use computers for. Very easy to use.

Considering that this is a free operating system, I can easily say that it's the best deal out there. It's good, it's light, it's bloody useful. I've actually started to recommend this for people. Especially the ones new to computers.


free-aa kedachcha edhuvum install panneedradha? ;-)

:) Heard it performs good...Is that so? Wt do u feel?


Thanks for ur respons. The concept is original and i m make it.

When ever i complete it in will inform u!

And i like the link for FREE CD. I m going to get one.

Thank again and have a nice day!

Hi ,

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